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【 Sell 】Automated Plantain Banana Chips Production Line for Sale
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2021-09-20
Offer expiry date: Never expired
Detailed Product Description:

Introduction of Automatic Banana Chips Production Line

We offer a professional automatic banana/plantain chips production line. Fried banana chips are one kind of snacks processed from fresh bananas after being peeled, sliced, fried, and seasoned. It remains the special delicious flavor of roasted banana one respect and also keeps the characters of rich nutrition, delicious flavor. The banana/plantain chips are very popular among the customers.

Automatic Banana Chips Production Line

Therefore, our high efficient banana/plantain chips production line with large output will be the most convenient equipment for the chips processing manufacturers. We have two capacities for this line: 60-70kg/h and100-150kg/h.

Automatic Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line Advantages

  • Global advanced technology
  • Excellent product quality
  • Better oil management
  • Compact structure and beautiful design
  • Low energy consumption and easy operation
  • Extensive testing by quality control department before shipping
  • Widely used by customers from all over the world
  • Perfect after-sales service

Banana Chips Processing Line

Automated Plantain Banana Chips Production Line for Sale

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